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How are you with decisions? Pretty good? Make them easily? Do you sleep on it and wake up with dedication to whatever it is that you decide? Are you a pros-cons lister? A weigh everything outer? Or are you a waffler?

You know. Flip flopper. Mind changer. What if this or what if that-er?

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What’s in Your Pocket?

We are in charge of our own time and how we spend it. Doing more of what makes us feel good, balanced, and healthy is not only beneficial to us… but to others as well. Be happy, attract happy. See? The genuine folks in your life understand. <3

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Social media, the bully (depression), and what’s real Parts 1 and 2

Social media bombardment is everywhere, it’s really cool in a lot of ways. But it’s so important to maintain your self-love, self-care, nurture your self and relationships with the genuine people in your life. Utilize social media for the good it offers, don’t let it contribute to depression, low self-worth, or isolation. I’m here to remind you, that YOU are beautiful and valued as you are. Today. Right now. There is only ONE you and you are loved! <3

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Suicide and Hope

One thing to understand about suicidal thoughts, plans, and deeds… it’s not always something that happened in that moment or that day that makes a person think about, plan, or succeed in taking their own life. That one thing may have been the feather that tipped the scale.

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All the Feels

At such a fragile state of despair or hopelessness, and/or total inner cup depletion, how in the heck do you do anything but sit there in the muck and cry?

Here’s what to do.

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Fresh Start

Are you in the New Year’s Resolution club? For so many years I’ve opted out of that… and started resolutions on Dec 1 instead. Which works much better for me. Mind tricks? Who knows. This year, however, it seemed like the holidays crept up on me. Here it is almost New...

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Holiday Debt Monster

Yes, it feels good to give. It feels good to treat ourselves. It feels free to charge up on a freshly paid down credit card. However, the true joy of giving comes from the heart, not a piece of plastic that has the potential of draining you in more ways than one.

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