How are you with decisions? Pretty good? Make them easily? Do you sleep on it and wake up with dedication to whatever it is that you decide? Are you a pros-cons lister? A weigh everything outer? Or are you a waffler?

You know. Flip flopper. Mind changer. What if this or what if that-er?

Most of my younger life, I was a notorious avoid a decision-er. I think that is the worst of them all. What happens in avoidance is that somehow, the decision gets made FOR you. THEN you may realize that you would have liked the OTHER choice. Ugh.

I decided I didn’t like that approach. I then went to pros-cons lists. But found that I needed to also weigh everything out. Sometimes pros lists aren’t as heavy as cons lists, but FEEL better. Oi. It gets to be so complicated.

Then came waffling. Make a decision… change my mind. Change my mind back. Change my mind to something totally different. Waffle waffle waffle. It’s exhausting. Should be cardio points in it, I’m tellin’ ya.

Here’s the thing. You can think yourself into oblivion with this stuff. Best way to handle it is give yourself a night or two to sleep on a big decision. Get into what your gut says. Your mind will be logical. Your heart will be too feely. Get into your gut. Sometimes you’ll be surprised that what your mind says is a good thing, will almost make your stomach turn at the thought of it. THERE is the answer. Let your gut decide. If your stomach feels comfy at the thought of one thing over the other, you know what to do.

Isn’t that gratifyingly easier? In most cases, anyway. Sometimes the good ol’ heart will try to step in with the “but, but…” Try not to let that delay the momentum.

A lot of the time, it isn’t so concrete a choice either. If you listen to your heart or mind and ignore the gut, it will remind you. Over and over again. Giving you plenty of time to redirect yourself. 😉

When you make a decision in your life don’t waffle. Decide and commit. Come what may. It’s all for your best good anyway. Nothing in life is wasted. Knowing that, viewing decisions as always being something you can at least learn from, if not luxuriate in, every time – you won’t feel like you must sit in the middle ground while life passes by.

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