While talking to a really nice couple over the weekend, it came up in conversation that I do life coaching. Immediately the gentleman said, “Well you have two clients right here!” He laughed a second, and then said something about how getting older and the routine of life just isn’t what it’s cracked up to be. (I wish I recalled his exact words).

This kinda goes along with my last blog post. However, these wonderful folks aren’t living in the past. They are living in today, enjoying each moment the best they can. Even in the routine, even with the fact that maybe they’d like to retire sooner, or some other thing.

First of all… waiting for retirement to LIVE isn’t the way to go. So I’m super glad that they’re enjoying life as best they can, and with a few little adjustments, can enjoy it even more. 🙂

Besides that, it’s really easy to fall into the routine and feel like that’s “just the way life is” or maybe “there’s no way out of it”. “It’s what everyone else does”. “It’s the way of the world”. Insert any other justification and comforting ho-hum phrase here.

No matter your age, place in life, living situation, financial situation, etc. ~ routine can be enhanced, moved around or shifted at any time.

So you have a 9-5 job. If there’s no budging that routine, no worries. Find something else that can be switched up.

Here are some examples that will help break the monotony and add some renewed vigor to your inner self and outer life:

1) Get up 30 minutes earlier each day to sit out on the porch with your morning coffee and sweetheart by your side (be that your significant other, your dog, cat, bird, etc!) Enjoy the emerging new day with those few glorious moments of silence. Let the sunrise blanket you in hopefulness and peace.

2) Do you take your breaks during the day? Most people choose to work through them because they have “so much to do”. I say, take those 10-15 minute morning and afternoon breaks. But don’t just mosey to the water cooler or break room. Get outside. Find a tree and/or a patch of grass. Kick off your shoes for a moment and let the soft grass renew your soul through your feeties!

3) Are you a brown bag lunch person or do you go out to eat every day? Do you skip lunch altogether? Switch it up. I don’t suggest skipping your lunch break altogether, however. Your mind and soul require that time to rejuvenate. Away from the desk or work area. Read a book. Try a new food. Call your mom. Heh

4) Leave work ON TIME. Yeah. I said it. Habitually staying late to get more done is counterproductive in a lot of ways. Leave at quitting time. Go catch a movie, meet a friend, join a gym. Even if staying late is something necessary (salaried employees I feel ya), I know you can find at least one day a week to leave at a reasonable hour. Just for you.

5) Evenings. Plan to spend a night to yourself one night each week. Schedule another night per week to meet a friend for coffee. Arrange a date night. Set aside a night especially for family game or craft time.

These are just a few examples of switching the routine up. I know you can get much more creative with this. You’ll feel like you have much more LIFE in your days when you implement more time for you, for fun, for friends, for family. You’ll find yourself feeling freer, and more joyful. Which will make you more productive at work. Imagine that. 😉

Have a fulfilling week, all.

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