What’s in your pocket?

I’m talking about your spiritual, inner-self “pocket.”

Who’s in charge of it?

Yep, you are. (:

I think sometimes we forget, though. Sometimes we place too much emphasis on others. What they think, their happiness, their goings on. So much so that we may lose our balance. We can easily become distracted, even depressed, when we put other people’s “stuff” in our pockets. Progress in our life may just stop if we concern ourselves with everything and everyone else… then later, we wonder why everyone and everything has passed us by. Another year gone by… still dreaming of goals we wish to achieve?

Maybe we’re going thru day to day walking on eggshells to make sure we don’t upset the spouse, child, boss, friend’s mood. We may stifle our sparkle so we don’t seem “too happy” if someone else is down. We may put on a pseudo-sparkle when our truth that day is actually gloomy – for fear that either we won’t be accepted in our truth or fear that we might bring someone else down. We may allow someone else’s mood or lack of communication dictate our mood, our day, our life!

Maybe there’s a person in our life whose behavior has changed, suddenly. If we take this on as a personal attack, we can spend hours, days, or longer, in a whirlwind of confusion and hurt – quite possibly for no good reason at all. We may come to find out later that they had something personal going on and they just needed to go within for a while. Or maybe their life got super busy for a bit.

It’s so easy to get into the mind reading game, isn’t it? Problem is… I’m not a mind reader & I really don’t know any mind readers. Good thing, eh? Could you imagine? Oh man.

Let’s take the fears, doubts, insecurities, wonderings, and other people, things, and circumstances out of our pockets. I don’t know about you, but I don’t like my pockets bulging out of control with stuff. It’s hard to walk like that. Ha

Instead, let’s just keep our sparkle in there. Let’s keep our own well-being and what it takes to be comfy & happy, in there. Communicate with others whenever possible, but don’t take it on if they don’t wish to reciprocate. I have a video about communication here: “Communication is Love”

So easy to forget that we aren’t obligated to do or be anything other than our true self. We aren’t in charge of someone else’s attitude, outlook, or emotions. Granted, it’s not ok to be bitchy to someone undeserving of it, or to treat people disrespectfully… but you know what I mean.

Guess what else. We are in charge of our own time and how we spend it. Doing more of what makes us feel good, balanced, and healthy is not only beneficial to us… but to others as well. Be happy, attract happy. See? The genuine folks in your life understand. <3 Today my pockets are feeling so light and sparkly. Why? Because the heavy junk I kept putting in them didn’t belong to me. I got rid of it. (: If we can empty our pockets every night, discard the junk and keep the good stuff, we’ll sleep better and have a better tomorrow, too. Hugs!

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