“It is never too late to be what you might have been.”
― George Eliot

For years, I’ve been helping others go for their dreams. Not the nighttime ones, but the desires and goals that are felt deep within. The ones that remain in our hearts and vision for the future. Dreams like, going back to school, owning a business, traveling the world, playing an instrument, becoming a painter, whatever the case may be.

Here’s the truth. If you have a dream within you, it’s YOURS. It wouldn’t have come to you if you didn’t have what it takes to bring it to life. Self-doubt and justifications are just road blocks that we set up subconsciously. For whatever personal reasons. However, those blocks are not truth. The bottom line is, you feel it, you dream it, you wish for it, you long for it. Hop into your metaphorical 18-wheeler and blast through those road blocks. I swear it isn’t far down the road that the glistening goal-accomplishment highway is waiting for you.

Here is one example from my life.

2007 My first, and, so far, only paying gig.

2007 My first, and, so far, only paying gig.

This picture was taken in 2007. 2 0 0 7. I mean, come on. That was nearly TEN years ago. Someone special believed in me enough to purchase this beautiful bass guitar for me. I learned some songs. I played my first and, so far only, _paying_ gig. I was excited and scared to death. As soon as I got up on that stage and the eyes in the crowd all seemed to pierce through me, I freaked out. I sat on a bar stool on that stage, turned to face the pedal steel player, and barely made it through each song without passing out from stage fright! So um. Yeah. I’ve not played a gig since then. Nor have I kept up with practicing for longer than a week straight at any given time.

What are the road blocks I keep setting up for myself with this?

For one thing. Stage fright. I’m an introvert. Not a crowd person. Uncomfortable in the spotlight. (Funny that I’m a blogger & YouTuber with PUBLIC sites, right?!) I always thought that was the reason for me allowing so much valuable time to go by while my beautiful bass sat here neglected. Now I realize, besides the fact that this fear is something that can be overcome, it’s simply a justification for a road block. The real reason is something much deeper than that.

Last year (and as often as I can), I went to see one of my favorite local bands play, The Greg Golden Band. These guys are all absolutely amazing musicians, and I was (and am!) mesmerized by their bass player! This guy is a powerhouse of energy and charisma. I stared in awe. That instrument is a part of him, it’s not separate. He plays expertly, yes. But he also moves with the music like I’ve never really seen a bass player do, at least not very often. I admit, I totally geeked out. After the show I HAD to meet him, tell him I’m learning to play the bass and that he inspired me to pick it up more. I hugged him and feel so grateful to have met such a great talent and wonderful guy. I had to have a picture. Hehe

Here’s the picture, shared with his permission:

Larry Hart, one of my favorite bass players of all time!

Larry Hart, one of my favorite bass players of all time!

His advice to me was to “love it”, to pick it up every day.

For a while I did that.

What makes me keep stopping? It’s not stage fright. Seriously. I only play in front of my cat. HAHA So what IS it?

You know me, I had to dig deeper into it. Spiritually. Really soul search.

I’ve recently become aware of this. The reason I block myself is just like when a teenager does something against their parents because they want to “show them”. The reality of that mentality is, it really only “harms me”. Sadly, many people do this well into adult years without even realizing it. You see. I’ve never felt like my father is or was proud of me. At all. For anything. In fact, I don’t think he takes my blogging and dream of life coaching seriously. I realize I’m a bit hippie-granola for him 😉 and I love him all the same. But I do know, if I were a professional musician, he’d be practically shouting from the rooftops with pride about it. SO. Subconsciously, to “show him” out of a weird rebellion even as an adult, I have not continued practicing. I’ve turned down lessons, practice gigs, etc. See the irony here? It only hurts ME. Playing music has been a passion of mine since I was a teenager, when I would be playing my guitar for hours on end until my fingers bled. Carrying my guitar everywhere I went, playing it every chance I got. I gave it up at 16.

Me as a teenager, always playing my guitar.

Me as a teenager, always playing my guitar.

One could think, “Wow, by now I’d be pretty good.” OR. The better thought is, “Wow, with this awareness, I can hop into that metaphorical 18-wheeler and blast those self-made road blocks into oblivion!”

The time is always NOW. The time is always perfect. Right now is the best time to do anything. It’s what we’ve got.

If you have a dream, go for it! You’re so deserving and you’re so ready for it. Forget about how fast the last decade(s) have flown by. Forget about “showing them” whoever “they” are. No worries! This is YOUR life and your path. Start today, be consistent and focused. Show yourself that you CAN and you ARE!

By this time next year you’ll be so happy you did. The time is going to pass anyway. Might as well give your dreams a shot! You deserve it. We all do!

Let the world see your light and hear your song. Whatever that looks like for you. You’re beautiful. I can see you shine from here. (:

I’m here to cheer you on!

I’d love to hear about the ways you’ve blasted through your road blocks and realized your dreams. Also share with me if this post brought you to your own awareness of current road blocks. Let me know in the comments below! Be sure to check the box below the comment section to see responses.

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