Depression is a topic that still seems so taboo to talk about, even with its more common mentioning on TV and social media. It’s very real, can be debilitating, and in my opinion, is just as much of a bully as addiction.

One of my very best, lifelong friends (and soul sisters) shared with me, a couple of very raw, descriptive, and amazing poems she wrote on this subject. For someone who has experienced depression, her words will be very familiar. For someone who has never experienced it, her words will provide an insight that just isn’t available in many places.

This is why I asked her if I may share them with my subscribers. If this can help bring more understanding, we can remove some of that “taboo” and move forward with healing, support, and love. <3

Thank you, K.G. Ropel, for your courageous sharing of these. I’m grateful to be granted permission to share them. I love you!

My Prison

Smoke billowing through the sunbeam shimmering from my sun shades
Always shut reminds me of Saturn’s rings

As I lay in my Prison it’s the only entertainment of the day
Shackles of depression bind me I cannot get away

The key to my Prison is easy to find
It’s in my head don’t you see?
Hard to grasp
I know where it is yet I let it be.

Because my Prison is also my comfort zone
I hide inside away from the world where I’m safe in my Prison. But lonely. Unkind.

One day I’ll break free from my Prison and join the world some day… We’ll see.

Happy, joyful and above all free

The Rabbit Hole

I’m down deep in my Rabbit hole
Light of life shimmers above passing me by
Covered in dirt of depression and despair-hopelesness
Watching the crimson flow down my arms
Releasing the agony. It’s my only release.
Tears flow like summer storms
Only the privy understand- the rabbit hole dwellers
I hold onto the secret with lock and key you’ll never find
I climb out of the hole once in a while
BY the roots of my soul sisters who sway me on
Climbing until my fingers bleed
To the top of the tree
My husband grasping me
But life is funny don’t you see?
It sends tragedy my way
So I fight to not descend to that dark abyss
Every moment of my waking breath.

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