Are you sensitive to the lunar and planetary stuff that goes on? I say stuff because I’m not too knowledgeable on all that. But I follow people on YouTube and other social media that are. (:

I definitely am. Sensitive.

It’s almost time for Mercury Retrograde again. Ugh. While it doesn’t have to suck… it does cause me, anyway, to feel more emotional, retrospective, etc.

I feel the need to clean house in all areas of my life. Get rid of things, organize things, re-examine things, rectify things, rebuild things. Namely, rebuild myself. From the inside out.

Today I’m feeling extremely emotional. Experiencing feelings of tremendous universal love, as well as deeply longing for the vision I see for myself and the world. I am also feeling anguish. Sadness.

I can act on the sadness. Or I can allow it, feel it, thank it. Look at what it points to and heal those things if they can be healed, or accept those things and move forward lovingly.

The further we go on a spiritual journey in our lives, the deeper we get to go to heal things. Deeper each time things appear, because we are now finally ready to feel those depths. Before this, we were not strong enough nor ready to handle it at this level. Maybe childhood hurts come up again and again, and we get frustrated, saying to ourselves “I thought I already dealt with that!” If we look closer, though, we’ll see that many aspects have been made clearer, uncovered for the first time, or we see details we weren’t ready for prior to now.

Feeling so many emotions at once can be daunting. Rather than see it as a nuisance, a reason to cover up with numbing or destructive behaviors, we can see it as a beautiful gift. A gift that, when accepted, opened with love and care, and handled properly, will give way to an even better life for us sooner than we think.

Love yourself. Every part. Be honest and respectful of yourself. Listen to what your spirit is saying. Honor it. Fear may try to bring you down, keep you down, but it’s only trying to keep you safe in the familiar. Say “thank you” and let it go. There are sparkling, love-filled places for you to see just beyond that. You deserve to bask in the glorious reward of feeling everything, healing and discovering. It’s part of why we’re here. Enjoy it. <3

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