In Spring 2014 I embarked on this journey of following my “calling” to help others live happy, healthier lives – which includes blogs, articles, YouTube videos, empowerment coaching, and soon, *gasp* public speaking, among many other things! Since then, just like life, it ebbed, it flowed, it raced, it slowed, it stagnated, and is now regaining momentum! I’ve let fear hold me back for too long. My desire to help others through my experiences, and my continued training in many self-empowerment areas as well as life coach certification, is stronger than and has far outweighed the fear of the unknown. I’m a believer in walking my talk. I am revamping my website soon and will be sharing more in detail, because authenticity is where connection and healing happen. What’s cool is, my healing helps others heal, and others’ healing helps me. Life isn’t about the highlight reel we see on social media. Life is about LIFE. We all deserve to live it, feel like we matter, that we are seen and heard, and LOVED. Even if we don’t always believe it ourselves, we can borrow from the love others have for us until we do. Or, hey, borrow it from me here because I’ll be sharing lots of it. <3 I’m blossoming in my life, emerging from a dark cocoon. I want the same for you, Beautiful Spirit! From child and adulthood traumas, destructive behaviors, addiction, recovery, abuse, depression, anxiety, grief, PTSD, heartbreaks, debilitating illness, life restructuring… to sparkly moments, happy memories, creating a happy PRESENT, achieving lifelong goals, expanding the comfort zone, loving and LIVING… I will share it all with you and will enjoy you sharing yours with me. We’re in this together! I’m a Certified Assertiveness Coach, pinup model @reigna_rox on Instagram, Wish Fairy @ldjuarezwishesdreams on Etsy and LD Juarez Wishes & Dreams on Facebook, and a multi-faceted mushball spirit! <3 I want the world to be LOVE. The majority of my posts will center around empowerment. Part of my joy is in helping others by sharing my own journey and life lessons. Sometimes, all we need is that approval, or permission, to live as our spirit longs to.  I enjoy being a cheerleader in your corner, reminding you how worthy you are! I enjoy helping you uncover your true self. This leads to bliss in life! YOU are beautiful and loved! From time to time, I also like to share about other topics. One being my journey to health from being bedridden with constant vertigo and migraines, to gradually finding out the reasons why, and learning solutions as time goes on. There are many paths to wellness. I believe in being your own advocate and finding what works best for your body. I will probably also write about being in recovery from addiction. Finding alternatives to the destructive behaviors I used in the past. Including, but not limited to, drug, alcohol, and food abuse. Another facet I’ve added to this blog is the promotion of outstanding products, businesses, and people that truly make a positive difference in the world! Thank you for following this page, and for bearing with me as I navigate this exciting path! I’m flying without my editor here, just writing my thoughts, opinions, dreams, and other tidbits in a very casual way. I tend to write like I talk. (My editor might cringe at the errors, but what you see here is authentic and “me”!) Thank you for being here! I am grateful for YOU! *hugs* LD raspberry

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