Ever notice how the Universe conspires with you when you are in alignment with your passion, purpose, and path?

I adore empowerment coaching, I love blogging, and am getting more into the YouTube thing lol.

Recently I started making cute little wish jars (filled with dandelion seeds & decorated with love and colorful gratitude) for some family and friends. Then, it was as if my angels & the Universe were swooshing me along into creating an Etsy shop for them. I mean, everything just went so smoothly from creating jars to completing all official paperwork, and getting the shop set-up.

With the help of some FABULOUS Earth Angels, it seems that fulfilling my calling goes smoothly along, in the order that it’s supposed to.

See, this journey started off with me writing a book. While that’s still in the works, it seems the correct, universal order of things was to become a blogger first, and go from there. Interesting.

When we just relax and go with the flow, we see and feel that doors of opportunity just whisk us in. If we’re too stuck in what we think _should_ happen, at what time and exactly how, could miss that beautiful soft breeze nudging us in the right direction. I got stuck in my own way for a while. But as soon as I relaxed, whoosh! It’s a beautiful thing.

Back to the wish jars. My story about how I started making them and how they fit into my path and purpose is on my Etsy shop, here: LDJuarezWishesDreams

More guidance along my path has me planning interviews of some FABULOUSLY amazing people that also relax into the flow and live beautifully abundant lives. Stay tuned for those, you will LOVE them like I do!

My wish for you is that you relax into that beautiful breeze of intuition – and GO FOR IT! You deserve it. I’m stoked to hear about what happens, so please do let me know! I’m already cheering for you! WOOT! <3

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