This week’s post is the opposite of last week’s. This one covers making so much time for fun that we end up feeling overwhelmed.

I love seeing that lust for life in people, but balance is key. Having SO much fun that responsibilities slide, a sick day is never accrued because they get used up as soon as they show up (for fun days), vacation time is used up as just as fast…

People in this cycle seem to feel like they never get to take a real vacation, or like they HAVE to go to work sick because they have no sick time available. They tend to feel like they never have any time to themselves because they’re always out and about with the crowds.

Just like a monotonous routine can bring a person down, living so spontaneously and recklessly can have the same effect.

How can balance be achieved? Here are a few tips:

1) Stop using sick time for fun time.

Now, I’m not saying that an occasional “mental health” day is out of the question. What I AM saying is, save those sick days for actual illness. For one thing it’s no fun to be sick, worse when you can’t be at home, resting. Another thing, your coworkers don’t appreciate your germs. 😉

I know it’s difficult to “see” those days add up every paycheck — it’s tempting to use them. Think of it as a savings account. Saving for a rainy day. Some companies will reimburse for those days when you move off to other ventures. In those cases, it really IS a savings account!

2) Plan a “real” vacation for next year. Put it on your calendar. This will force you to save your vacation days as they accrue. Yes, it will be tough at first not to take every Monday off the next year. But you will be so happy you did, next year while you’re sitting on your lounge chair, drink in hand, in Bora Bora. 😉

3) Spontaneous and super active folks have a real hard time relaxing. Even worse time being alone with their thoughts. They like distractions.

Make it a point to plan at least one day this month to just breathe. Relax. At, *gasp*, HOME. As you get used to it, you can add another day per month. Soon you will enjoy the “you” time, and be surprised at the insights you get by spending that precious time alone with your thoughts. Never know. You may come up with the next billion dollar idea. Heh (Don’t forget me when that happens $$$ 😉 ) haha

4) Start a hobby. Find a book that interests you. Start journaling.

Anything that will calm that whirlwind. Soon you won’t feel so overwhelmed, or lacking time for yourself.

I know you will come up with even more ways to bring some calm and balance into your life. It’s my hope that this has gotten you started. ENJOY!

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