Lately it’s been feeling like I’m trapped in a box while people are sitting on it and squishing it. Ever feel like that? So much going on, it’s like, STAAAAAAAHHHP!!!! Stop the world for a sec so I can regroup and catch up with life.

It’s at times like this where ALL the feelings whirl around. Ever notice that? One minute frustration, the next minute sadness, the next minute gratitude for blessings, then feeling all full of love for everything and everyone, then on to depletion and hopelessness.

People like me want to do something, anything, to escape all that. So much “feeling” is exhausting. I’m grateful to be over 11 years clean, so old habits in that regard are not an option. So what do I do? Cram as much junk food and sugar in my mouth as possible. Same behavior. Different “substance”. :/

Here’s the problem with that. Any form of “escape” or “numbing” doesn’t stop what’s happening in life. In fact, it may prolong it or contribute to the feeling of unmanageability. Making things feel much worse once the short-lived sugar rush (or other high) is gone, leaving behind fatigue and an overall feeling of “yuck” and disappointment.

If you feel like you’re at the bottom of a hole, or trapped in a box, there IS good news. The only way to go now is UP, or… OUT. Giving in isn’t an option. Plus, why would you want to stay at the bottom of a dark hole… or stuck in a box? Eww.

I hear you saying “yeah, easy for YOU to say”. I get it. At such a fragile state of despair or hopelessness, and/or total inner cup depletion, how in the heck do you do anything but sit there in the muck and cry?

Here’s what to do.

1) Say NO. To everyone and everything if you must. Just so you can stop and breathe.

2) Get back to the basics. And I do mean basics. Eat 3 meals. Drink 8 glasses of water. Get proper rest. If that’s all you can do today, you have won.

3) Take the mountain of stressors & make it easier to handle. Take each thing and separate them from the mountain. What’s that saying? How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. Do that. If you can’t picture it all in your mind, write each thing on its own piece of paper. Lay them out in front of you. Then, prioritize them. For example. In my case lately, the quality of life for my kitty who is in advanced kidney failure is top priority. MY health needs to be top priority, too. I’ve let that slip. Ok, so those are tied. The rest of it isn’t so urgent, y’know? Finances, car issues, errands, social activities, etc etc. Set the important, but lower priority things aside today. You can pick those up again tomorrow and re-prioritize if necessary. But for now, just focus on the top two. What can be done today for THOSE two things? Write it down on the corresponding paper. There’s your focus.

4) Accept help. If you’re stubborn like me, you won’t ask for help or even tell anyone you need help. But I think, like me, you will also receive offers from others to help you. LET THEM.

5) Be gentle with yourself. You’re doing the very best you can. No one can ask for more than that. Not even YOU. Do not feel guilty for doing what is most important for you right now. Guess what, other people do it all the time.

Like I said last week, my blog posts will be getting more real and more deep. More personal. I’m being guided this way, so I can hopefully help as many people as possible to find inner healing, inner happiness, and self-love. We all deserve it. If by me being open this way I can help many, it’s worth the discomfort and exposure.

BIG hugs. Breathe. Remember YOU deserve your love just as much as anyone else does. <3

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