When you’re a butterfly
A firefly
People want to hold you in their hands
Put you in a jar
Well-intentioned people, that mean no harm, yet unknowingly take your life force as they gradually crumble and crush you in their hands
Well-meaning people that unintentionally deprive you of air, of nourishment, of freedom
While it’s nice to be loved and admired, eventually being crushed or suffocated ends in your demise
The well-intentioned people move on to new butterflies and fireflies
Drawn to their beauty, grace, and light
The cycle continues…

What can be done to save your light? Your grace? Your freedom?

First, know our own beauty (spiritual, here) and grace
Embrace your freedom
Be OK with you and your world
Then, when someone comes along that you recognize as respectful of your light and grace ~ flutter with them
Land on their chest and radiate love
Revel in the safety of the respectful love they give back
No jars
No crushing hands
Just respectful


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