I originally posted this on a social media page, where I was urged by folks to post it on my blog. Marie Forleo is one of my absolute FAVE coaches. She always gets me thinking. Here is my post, along with the video by Marie:

I SO needed to see this today. I’ve been struggling a lot lately with what she’s talking about in this. I’ve postponed writing my book, taken a bit of a redirection with my blog… and feel that I’ve lost direction with my purpose out of fear. One of the many fears is that I “want” to be somewhere that I’m not (yet)… I know who the audience is, however I have been trying to tailor to a different audience. I haven’t felt aligned with my calling in a while because I’m not being completely true to it. Out of fear. Then the “there’s so many others out there doing this already” comes in to play. But this video reminds, and encourages, me of what I tell others. We all have a unique voice, a unique purpose, and none of us has the exact same experience, viewpoint, or calling. No matter how similar it may seem. If we are called to it, there IS a reason, and we DO have it within us to fulfill it. It’s our DUTY to fulfill it.

My calling takes me completely out of my introverted comfort zone. It’s totally uncomfortable and hard sometimes. Lonely too. But the harder it is, the more painful it may be, the more scary it is… the BIGGER the purpose. The more important it is to stay the course and follow the calling. Be the vessel carrying the message. Help others live freely and joyfully. Embrace the empathy and sensitivity. It’s what helps me, help. <3 I'm sure this is deeper than I should go on social media. lol BUT. Being real is something I strive for. Walking my talk is something I strive for. I'm a coach because I am coached. We are one. Here's the link to the video that prompted the above commentary: https://youtu.be/SDmq82Ma1F8

Be on the look out for a change-up in my blog posts. There will be some deep conversations here, all with healing and loving energy to round out each post. Like I always tell people I work with, we’ve got to look at the ugly stuff in order to heal it. Shine light on it, wrap it in love, and send it on its way. Healing begins inside. Happiness does, too.

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