How do you get it if you weren’t born with it, or if you lost it along the road of life?

For some people it’s having a family, being the best parent they can be. For others it’s a successful career (but remember, it’s not what you DO that makes you feel confident, it’s who you ARE in life and in the way you do things that does.) Maybe having a “you” day each week, to recharge, is a way to maintain your confidence. Keeping with a fitness program, dance class.

I tend to feel the most free and good about myself when I’m taking care of my health, when I’m in good physical shape, when I have financial stability & all that comes with that, and when I put myself on my priority list.

Think about what makes you feel good. What makes you feel the most free. The bottom line is, honoring yourself, whatever healthy way that is for you.

Write it all down. Take a look and pick a few of the top things.

Write down what can be done to consistently achieve those.

For me, respecting and honoring the vertigo condition — meaning, eating the foods that contain lower oxalate*, getting proper rest, not over-doing activities. Fitness goals. Eating more vegetables and fruit (yeah, still working on that)… taking regular walks. Stretching. Getting to the point where I can do more exercise like weights and biking. I’m still on the bottom rung of this ladder… doing more will bring me to the level I want to be.

Recently I started contributing more to paying down debt. As much as physically possible. The faster that debt goes away, the sooner that weight will be lifted. I’ll be able to place more focus on the next goals. Which will continue to bring more freedom.

What if you’re a person that feels more confident when you look your best? Rather than staying in bed longer, maybe set an alarm to get up earlier so you can do whatever it means for you to put your best face forward that day. I’m not talking about makeup necessarily. But sometimes that extra bit of time in the morning for proper skin care is all the boost we need. It’s about self-care.

Another thing that promotes confidence is maintaining healthy boundaries. Say no when it’s no. Remember that you are on the top of your priority list, treat yourself lovingly. This shows other people that they should treat you lovingly, as well.

How about a hobby? Maybe taking the time each day or each week to work on something you enjoy is all the confidence boost you need. Build something. Paint something. Sew something. Bake something. Whatever it is that makes you feel good. Whatever makes you feel like you are participating in life, rather than being swept away by it.

Nurture yourself and your closest relationships.

Consistently make decisions based on YOUR best self and life, not someone else’s.

All it takes is a bit of quiet time to think about what makes your soul sing. Create a plan of action. And get started. Confidence will naturally come, or return, and it will STAY.

You are so beyond deserving of it! Share with me how you keep your confidence strong. I’d love to hear!

Blessings, love, and hugs to you!

* A bit about my health journey here : Spin, Light, Live

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