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Putting yourself back on your priority list doesn’t mean you won’t get anything done. On the contrary. You may get more done. Better yet, you may just be the example that others need so THEY will also take better care of themselves.

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Instant Gratification

I’ve been wondering lately about “Instant Gratification”. We live in a society full of that. Online dating, drive-thru restaurants, diet crazes ~ you name it, there is a supposed “quick fix” for it. It got me thinking. Hey, I’m all about some tasty nom nomz that I...

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Healthy communication is more than love. It's respect and honor. In the video I mentioned I'd add more here in the written blog... but I think I like it just as it is.

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It’s a Cycle

Expanding more on the bullies of depression and anxiety that I’ve mentioned before, staying on top of things to keep them at bay is a conscious, constant practice.

There are those that don’t understand it, at all. Bless them! They’ve never known depression personally, never felt it, never experienced it in someone they love. How lucky they are!

For those of us that know it first hand, we can empathize with each other while our methods of coping may be very different.

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Quicksand Free!!!

Something I want to talk about today is “information gathering”. I love that phrase and find myself using it often when I’m helping others. Someone fabulous used it during a conversation with me, and it’s stuck like glue! Took me some time to be able to see some of...

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Reason, Season, and Lifetime

You've heard that saying a million times, right? People are in your life for either a reason, a season, or a lifetime. Pretty comforting little saying when life and relationships are going well. What about when life and relationships are feeling a bit strange, rocky,...

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Feeling Blah? Let it Serve You!

Hiya! I'm feeling a bit "blah" today & unsure what to write about. So, I will blog about this! HA! Ever have this happen to you? You enjoy such a fabulous day with friends, or revel in such a spectacular vacation, that you just feel blah afterward, or even as if...

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