Coincidence or Gift?

Starting self-work is a difficult thing to do and maintain. But once you continue it, wholeheartedly, and allow yourself to open up to the world again, you’ll start to notice more and more “coincidences” in your life. You’ll be amazed, shocked, maybe even scared, if so much “good” isn’t something you’ve been used to in the past.

Once you let go of the things that have been dragging you down – past hurts, tragic events, regrets, shoulda-woulda-couldas, etc. – and start truly living in the present moment… the coincidences will come faster and faster.

What do I mean by coincidences?

You’ll start to notice that all of a sudden, someone shows up to help with a situation you may have been concerned about, but felt you had no control over, or option to help with. You find extra money in the pocket of a jacket you put away last Spring. You realize that you have far more genuine people in your life now, and the others seem to have moved on. You find yourself with an extra half an hour a day to just enjoy something nice. You get a phone call from a dear loved one after years of losing contact. Someone buys your lunch or coffee and you then pay it forward for others.

I could go on.

After a while, it becomes such a normal occurrence, that it’s no longer coincidence. These are GIFTS. Rewards for clearing your energy. Clearing your body and life of negativity, dark thoughts, doubts, etc. Getting rid of what’s kept you anchored frees you to soar at higher vibrations in life. The greatest stuff of life lives at those higher vibrations. You find yourself feeling free, full of love and gratitude. Joy. You may feel so entirely filled with bliss that you cry happy tears, or laugh out loud for no apparent reason other than being tickled by good feelings.

Feeling THIS good used to be a dream or a wish. But by courageously doing your self-work, healing your wounds, allowing forgiveness and acceptance – your wish gets granted in ways far better than you could have ever imagined.

In my life I know this to be absolutely true. I can tell you from experience that the hard work is worth it. You’ll be able to walk thru that tunnel, start to see the light at the end… and feel the beautiful sunshine in your soul. What’s beyond the tunnel is so spectacular. Keep walking! I’m here to walk with you.

You’re so very worth it!

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