I recorded this little video last week, to save for today. One thing I want to clarify, is that I meant nothing derogatory toward parents at all (; when I said what I said! Oh my goodness, no! Everyone has their own path, and there are some very blessed people with the most fantastic parents of all time! Great parents are angels on earth! So. With that said…

The jist of the video is that support and love IS there for you, in healthy ways, if you shift the focus _from_ people that you wish would be supportive but aren’t… and open your perception _to_ the people that may even be on your life’s periphery, who ARE supportive.

I’m very happy to share that not only do I have awesome support from those beautiful spirits in my life’s periphery, but I’m also blessed with some of the most excellent friends in the Universe! One of them is with me in the picture above. Genuine love and encouragement is such a gift. When you focus on THAT, the rest is really so much easier.

I don’t believe that any one of us is ever alone, nor that there isn’t any support or encouragement to be had. On the contrary. There is an ABUNDANCE of love and support in this world if we just open up, and allow ourselves to see and feel it. You’ll be surprised at who you’ve touched in your life, who is there to cheer you on, catch you when you fall, and celebrate with you when you reach a goal. Sometimes it’s exactly who you’d expect. Other times, you may be surprised.

Stay open, allow life to give you the gifts it has for you. First and foremost, love yourself enough to believe you deserve it. Because you DO. <3 Hugs, love, and blessings to you!

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