One of the most amazing women in my life gave me this helpful word of caution ~ which has stuck with me ever since. “It’s not the lions and tigers that get us, honey. It’s the fleas.”

We were talking about emotions in addiction recovery ~ how it’s really a simple thing that can lead to relapse. But it applies to life in general, a lot of the time.

Ever had one of those days where you’re cruisin’ along, all happity dappity, when all of a sudden some little thing just snowballs and all kinds of other little things just avalanche? Taking your be-boppin’ good mood bubble & bursting it with a pin?

Ugh. That was my morning.

It got me thinking of that cautionary phrase about the fleas. See, I’m a strong person and can handle some BIG things with positive energy. Lions and tigers are usually tamed pretty quickly. I can look at the facts and do what needs to be done. Keeping a positive attitude all the while. But the little things, the fleas, those suckers get me sometimes. Especially when they come along in a herd. Haha. Is there such a thing as a herd of fleas? *shrug*

If we’re not careful, the rest of the day will be full of fleas. Not because it’s such a horrible day. But because if we allow our energy to continue to flow on the negative path, we may continue to feel rushed, overwhelmed, or that it’s “one of those days.” It’s NOT one of those days. It’s a beautiful day that maybe started with a bit of a flea problem. HA

Repeating the phrase, “It’s not the lions and tigers that get us, it’s the fleas” really helps put a sense of humor on an annoying situation. I always talk about stepping back, away from a situation or issue for a second to look at it. Get out of the whirlwind of it and examine it. It’s so much easier to turn your day around that way. Those annoying fleas are actually pretty darn small. Regaining positive energy is the flea spray. I know, I’m a dork, but hey, it’s a good analogy, right?

Positive energy will immediately help you feel calm and centered again. You can then methodically do whatever it takes to deal with whatever the fleas brought in. Clean up the mess, tape up that hem, or in my case this morning… fan the fire alarm, scrub the pans, and open the windows. Bahahaha

We don’t have to let a herd of fleas ruin our entire day. Break out the flea spray and laugh. Then, go out and make the rest of the day the best day ever. You can. And you deserve it!

Big hugs, y’all. Have a flea free week!

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