Ok, so here’s the truth for today. I’ve written what feels like a bazillion potential blog posts, right? I get these ideas and write write write. Inspiration strikes all the time. I figure, ok, I can just pick one of those to publish today. Easy peasy.

Well. It’s not happening like that today. It’s not writer’s block. It’s writer’s overload! HA!

Are you familiar with the Chinese Zodiac animals? I’m a rooster. So true to form, I will run around in panic mode, feathers flying all over the place, making a lot of noise. Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! Hahaha

I’m roostering today. Yes, that’s my word. =P

Remember in a previous post (http://www.ldjuarez.com/empower-full/4-ways-to-gratitude/ ) I mentioned my Vortex Lifeguard? My beautiful friend that keeps helps me stay out of the negativity vortex? Well, I’m also blessed with my Guardian Angel on earth (mentioned in this post: http://www.ldjuarez.com/health-the-greatest-wealth/spin-light-live-my-journey-to-excellent-health/).

I called my Guardian Angel and said “I’m roostering! I need help!” He laughed that comforting laugh, and said, “That’s your blog post.” Feathers stop flying and flitter to the ground. No longer ruffled, I calm down, I’m quiet… “Oh!”

I want to publish blog posts that are inspirational, uplifting, and helpful. Sometimes I get wrapped up in that so much, that I forget what a blog really is. It’s honest communicating. I love honest communicating! Raw authenticity. Here it is!

It’s ok not to be perfect. It’s ok to be vulnerable and expose yourself. It’s ok to be unsure. It’s okay to wait for the right moment, the right feeling, before doing something. Even publishing blog posts.

I’m all about intuition. If I don’t “feel it”, it’s not gonna happen. So what feels right today, is this. Maybe it’s the impending full moon messing with things? Maybe we’re just supposed to laugh together today at the vision of a panicking rooster. Maybe we’re supposed to group hug and just BE today. Whatever it is, it’s ok.

Sending hugs, loving energy, and blessings your way!

Have a great week you beautiful spirits!

P.S. Thank you GA for being the greatest comforter, and friend. You bless my life!

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