Hey beautiful spirits!

How are you doing? What’s new?

It’s a snowy/blustery day here which is GREAT because I have so much to do! Oh my goodness.

Yesterday was a beautiful sunny Spring day so I took on a project. Ever take pallets apart? Holy flip. I feel muscles I haven’t felt in years hahahaha. I got the boards all separated and prepped to be put up in a corner and partial wall in my house. Hoping it looks as good when it’s done as I am envisioning it. Kinda cool to MAKE something. Are you into DIY? Comment below, share with me the things you’ve made for your home. I love to hear about that stuff!

Last week was a smorgasbord of different topics on all my platforms, AND I started another Tik Tok account. This non-tech-savvy gal is tryin’ to get with the times!

Here’s the summary of last week’s posts:

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Trying something new and embedding each of last week’s videos for you here! Please be sure to subscribe! OH, and also, it’s sooooo important to the YouTube algorithm that the each video is played all the way to the end. Thank you for helping me wake up the algorithm so my channel gets “seen” by YouTube! You rawk!

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Thanks for being here! I hope your week is fantastic!

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