What are some of the things you do that help you stay in gratitude?

Things were a roller coaster ride of emotions over here for a while. It was hard for me to keep the faith and stay in positive energy without help. I have some excellent genuine friends! One of them kept reminding me not to get sucked into the negativity vortex. So I immediately gave her a new nickname. “Vortex Lifeguard”. HA! Kinda cool, right? I think it’s important for everyone to have a Vortex Lifeguard in their lives. I know I have been blessed to be that for others. It’s a gift both ways. <3

Now that things have calmed down, the clouds have parted and the angels are singing, so to speak ~ it’s important to keep mindful, present, and grateful. Keeping positive energy in and around us makes life a lot better. The more good we send out, the more good comes back. I like good. Good is… GOOD! Haha

Four of the things I do, besides talking to my Vortex Lifeguard, and my other amazingly wonderful, genuine friends, are listed here:

1. Stop. Take a deep breath. Remember where I am. Today.
Sometimes when things get kinda crazy, it’s easy to project into the future or fall into the past with anxiety, stress, worry, sadness, even anger. While it’s important to really feel feelings, allow them to “be”, and let them flow through you. It is equally important to get to the place where you can accept what’s going on, do your part to make changes, and/or move forward. Stopping, breathing, and focusing on where you are, in this moment, makes the big ol’ scary monster in the room seem softer and smaller. Sometimes, *poof* it even goes away or changes form to something more manageable. From there, it’s much easier to think about all the awesome stuff in your life. Ahhh. It’s amazing just how many things we all have to be grateful for. Just gotta remind ourselves to look. (:

2. Get with the trees.
Hippie granola? Sure! I don’t mind being called that, at all! I love trees, plants, flowers, water, fresh air, nature. It’s so calming. So grounding. Ever feel, in the midst of stress or worry, like your feet aren’t even on the ground? Your head is spinning with all the what ifs and oh mys and your heart is saying help me I hurt? Get with the trees! They’re nature’s counselors. They hold so much calming energy. They are nurturing. They are strong. Not to mention, they are beautiful. Sit under a tree, take a nice walk on a beautiful path, sit by a river or stream. This is one of my favorite ways to get back into gratitude. Notice how the trees just ARE. Check out my blog post about trees here: http://www.ldjuarez.com/uncategorized/falling-leaves-and-letting-go/

3. Listen to uplifting, motivating, or otherwise happy music.
Ok, I’ll be very honest here. When I’m in full on sad or anger mode, I don’t just put on a happy song and feel all giddy. What I do, is, put on some music that matches my emotion. Let it play, while I cry or shout or whatever I need to do to get the feelings to flow, so I can process them. Look them in the eye. And watch them fizzle. Then, I can start slowly changing the music. Until eventually, I’ve got some happy, motivating tunes rawkin’ my day into something new. If you’re into EFT tapping (look up Nick and Jessica Ortner http://www.thetappingsolution.com/ – I LOVE them!) you can tap along with the feelings while you process them, and listen to the music. My friend Janice at healingenergy-works.com told me about tapping with music a long time ago, and it helps! Even if just tapping on one or two locations, in my opinion.

4. Pray.
First off, this is listed 4th here only because 4 is a magical number to me. It symbolizes so much. Especially 444 in succession. Look up Doreen Virtue’s angel number sequences http://spiritlibrary.com/doreen-virtue/number-sequences-from-the-angels. I refer to that list often!
Prayer is powerful! If a situation is super good, share it and say thank you! If a situation is difficult, share it and ask for help. Give it to God and accept that the best good, the best resolution will be provided. In the best time. Not always our timing, but, always the best timing. If you catch yourself in worry later, that just means ya took it back into your own hands. Give it back again. It’s a toughie sometimes, but it works.

I hope this little list is helpful! We all deserve to feel fabulous & gratitude is one of the fastest ways to get there.

What are some of the ways you stay in gratitude? I’d love to hear about them. <3

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