What a fun day to send a message to you all!

How is everything going for you? Comment below, let me know what’s new!

Meanwhile, here’s the summary for last week (just click on the links!):

@yoursparklecoach Instagram last week was all about your inner strength and time to shine. And how other people underestimating you is actually to YOUR ADVANTAGE!

@yoursparklecoach Facebook

@yoursparklecoach YouTube last week’s videos covered PTSD from childhood trauma, finding your crown, and what people do when they really love you. Click the link to watch! AND subscribe (:

Helpful tip: Letting the videos play all the way through, hitting like after the halfway mark, liking, commenting, saving, and sharing all help my channel. I’m still trying to get the YouTube algorithm to pick up my channel. Otherwise I’ll need to start a new one (yikes!). Grateful for all of you!

@reignarox Instagram Lots of Queen energy there last week and today! Follow me there and send some love!

@reignarox Patreon at the urging of my beautiful friend (and phenomenal photographer) Sue at Sierra Elegance, I finally launched my Patreon page. Grateful for the support!

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