I’m soooooo excited! Talent Tuesdays Showcase is coming back! I’ll be recording tomorrow with a beautifully inspiring spirit. Can’t wait to share with you! (To be published next week!)

Those of you who’ve been with me on Facebook remember this from last year. It’s a fun interview with talented folks who share their gifts with others and make the world a more sparkly place. Always a good time, always eye-opening, and interesting. It’s actually one of my favorite things to do. You’re in for a treat!

How was your week last week? How are you feeling? What’s new? I love hearing from you.

To those of you that have reached out to me via comments, private messages, texts, and phone, thank you for the honor of your love and trust. I’m with you!!! We got this! I’m here to cheer you on, lift you up, and walk with you on this beautiful journey of life. Mid-Life Empowerment is a passion of mine, so is beating the bullies. Kick ’em to the curb, dag nabbit!

Here’s the summary of last week’s happenings (highlighted text is linked! Just click to be taken to each) ~

LD Juarez Your Sparkle Coach Instagram posts started off with an adorable photo and inspiring message. The theme of the week was authenticity for your beautiful spirit. Kicked off by the Lunar/Chinese New Year. Yahoo!

Reigna Rox Instagram was fun last week with a floral perspective, and a fun Galentine’s Day story (now found in highlights under the Boulevard Chicanas and GGBFoxes tabs)

LD Juarez Your Sparkle Coach YouTube videos

I’d LOVE your help! My channel needs 30 more subscribers before April or else YouTube starts “my time” over again for another year. Yikes! If you enjoy my videos, I’d love it if you share with others and help me reach my first goal of 100 subscribers! Once I hit that goal I will be doing a giveaway. 🙂

Monday’s vid touched on a serious topic, addiction and how it lies to people. Solutions on hushing that bully up!

Wednesday’s video was a bit different. Self-Care encompasses so many things. In this video we discuss Oil Pulling! Whaaa?!

Here’s the Mid-Week Meditation Moment from last week 🙂

Friday’s video was my favorite one of the week. Single at Valentine’s Day and how to make it great! You’ll love it!

Personal note between us friends… Being an introvert called on this mission, it shows me just how the Creator has a sense of humor! Videos, especially reels / lives / tik tok etc. are soooo not in my comfort zone! However the calling is so strong that I’m working on getting more of this kind of content out to share with you all the time. It’s a walk my talk thing. Mid-Life Empowerment, shooooot ALL empowerment is my thing! Finding my way, publicly, toward this mission is a trip!

I’m grateful for all of you. Being of service in this way is an honor. Your trust, feedback, and love is deeply appreciated. My goal is to get us all sparkling so much that we light up the world!

Happy wishes for an amazing week! Go get ’em tigers,


P.S. Here’s my Tik Tok … I haven’t posted there in FOREVER “because introvert” but go follow because I may surprise you at some point! haha

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