Heyyyy Beautiful Spirits!

It’s a brand new week, clean slate. AND Mercury is DIRECT! *happy dance*

What’s on your agenda? How was last week for you? Comment below, let me know!

My week saw a bit more self-care than usual, as you may have seen in my Wednesday YouTube video. Have any of you ever tried Cupping Therapy? Click HERE to see the video. Also got my hair done AND a pedi. OH YEAH!

I want to say THANK YOU to the new YouTube subscribers! You rawk! I want to grow the subscribership on that one so YouTube will pick up my channel. The algorithm bullies will NOT get me down! bwahahaha

In case you missed any posts on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, etc., all my links are located here: LD Juarez LLC 🙂

As I’m typing this I have the doors open, fresh air from the 55 degree day wafting through the house, and the sunshine brightening the windows. To say I’m enjoying this to the fullest is not an understatement since the 37 degree weather will be back on Wednesday they say.

I hope your day is going well, that you are caring for YOU, and that the bullies are sitting down and hushing up today. If they aren’t, be sure to do something nurturing for yourself, reach out to someone you trust, and remember that YOU are valuable, loved, and your feelings are valid.

HUGE hugs to you!


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