Two weeks in a row, I’m on a roll, folks! haha

The other day I felt inspired to record a video. Been a while. I almost didn’t share it because I felt like it was too “fuffie”. Y’know what I mean? But I think that the world needs some fuffie. It’s been a wild ride this year with so much unsettling stuff going on in everyone’s personal lives as well as the world. I got to thinking about “Bucket Lists” and how I don’t like how morbid that sounds to me. I like the idea of them, especially with how turbulent things have been, at least for me, this year.

The idea of putting on paper, in a journal, a file on your computer, whatever the case may be ~ a list of things that you want to experience in this lifetime ~ is more than therapeutic. It gives you something to look forward to, to plan for, and of course, DO & have the memories to cherish forever. However, I like saying “Living List” so much better. It’s so much more uplifting sounding, isn’t it? Positive energy is our goal, yes? So. Living List it is!

If you saw the blog post last week (here: Make Your Wishes Reality) I mentioned one of those Living List items for me. It’s so important to get out of our comfort zones and DO the things we’ve always wanted to do. It’s never too late (until it’s, well, too late). I’m a firm believer that a living list item wouldn’t even have entered your thoughts unless you already had it within you to accomplish and/or experience it. Bear with me here, but I even go as far as to believe that it’s a spiritual gift given to you as a thought, that remains in your heart, mind and spirit because you are SUPPOSED to experience and/or accomplish it in this lifetime.

Everyone’s list may have some similarities, but none are identical. They are as individual as we are. Plus, no two people experience the same thing in the exact same way. Sky diving, for example. One person may forever cherish the freedom of the fall, the exhilaration of the parachute unfolding, the weightlessness and one with the sky feeling. Another person may forever cherish the beautiful view of the landscape from that distance, the wind in their hair, maybe noticing how the landing seemed to change their connectedness to life. Those two people could spend an afternoon chatting about all the wonderful ways their experiences were different, and in doing so, ADD to each other’s experience with the additional perspective.

I also believe, that the more we experience our Living List items, the more peaceful we will feel and the more we will add to the world with that peacefulness. It starts within, and then, we share it. <3

I seem to always write more than I actually say in the videos. 😉 Hope this has given you some food for thought on this beautiful day. Let’s get out there and LIVE, shall we? xo


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