This week I had the pleasure of expanding my comfort zone in a super fun way! Y’know, as a Life Coach, I always say to step awayyyy from your comfort zone & go for your dreams, right? Well how can I say that if I don’t regularly do it! So here I am, walking my talk <3

Ever since I can remember, I’ve always wanted to participate in things like this. Always wanted to model, etc. Growing up (and in adulthood as well) I was always told I “couldn’t”, I wasn’t “good enough”, “who would want you”, etc. A modeling agency even told me in my twenties that I was “too short” and should consider “radio commercials” since I have a nice voice. Um…. ok? Nice, but…. really?

Last year I heard about this pinup contest that was going to be held during a rat rod car show. I LOVE car shows, and the beautiful pinup style.. and thought, “ok, this is it… this is the time… not getting any younger!” So I submitted my photo. I didn’t make it into the contest last year, but just putting myself out there with a photo was HUGE for me! Comfort zone expanded. Check!

Fast forward to this year. I entered again, and got IN! Oh my gosh! How exciting! I got to go through the process of getting myself all ready for it, and with the support of some great friends, I did it!!! No, I didn’t “win”, but that’s not even what’s important here. What’s important is that I really expanded my comfort zone, and I followed through. I was as prepared as I could be (that’s key!), which really eased anxiety. I was able to just go have fun and enjoy it. <3

Photo: V. Dean

What a WONDERFUL experience from start to finish! I’m STILL floating on the cloud of happiness from that day. I’ve met some beautiful ladies along the way, too. Some of whom I’m happy to be starting friendships with. Beautiful women empowering each other, truly giving of their spirits and hearts in a sisterhood of sorts.

So let’s see.

Comfort zone expanded? Check.

Wish became reality? Check.

Feeling happy & accomplished? Check.

Feeling GRATEFUL? Checkity check check!

What I’ve learned from this experience is that with some action on your part, the universe will completely guide you and bring in beautiful spirits and opportunities along your path. Which actually sets the stage for FURTHER and BIGGER opportunities, further expansion of your comfort zone, further feelings of happiness and accomplishment, and sparkly souls to walk the journey with you. Isn’t that the coolest?!!

The cherry on top is the compliment I received from someone I admire… which will hopefully bring me to more wishes becoming reality! I’m beyond grateful and filled with love and BLISS because of this entire experience!

So whatever it is you’re wishing for, whatever you want to do or experience, GO FOR IT! It takes a bit of effort on your part, but it’s SO worth it! YOU DESERVE IT! You deserve your love just as much as anyone else does. Honey you GO! <3 I’m here cheering for you along the way! YOU CAN DO IT!

Thank you Ms Rockabilly Riot for the opportunity!

Hair: Jenny @ Redken Cosmetology School, Makeup: Roni @ Sephora, Dress: Stop Staring!

(truck and occupants unknown, unable to credit O.o)

photo: S. Grist





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