Keeping with the theme of this beautiful season, it’s fitting to talk about the beauty of letting go. It doesn’t mean that what falls away isn’t special or glorious. It is. Especially so. It served us for two wonderful seasons, bringing us happiness and fun. Sometimes those things live their span and come to a point where falling away is not only natural, but grand.

I sit and watch the leaves fall. Gorgeous red, orange, yellow, rust and brown. Mother Nature’s palette for this time of year. It’s stunning and wondrous. The leaves falling to the ground aren’t sad, nor are the trees. Both are as majestic and lovely as ever. Accepting of this change in season. Both served each other well during Spring and Summer. It’s just time to move on.

Like with people, situations, places, etc. Yes we have enjoyed them. Yes we’ve shared ups and downs, good and bad. We may even wish that things could be different now ~ that we can hold on to them tightly. But rather than fighting it, we can be like the trees that are shedding their leaves. Magnificent, regal, and noble. We can be like the leaves that are gliding to the earth. We can be peaceful, flowing, and graceful. We can accept this as part of the cycle in our lives. Trusting that soon, more splendor will emerge. Does it take some time? Sure it does. But we can use this time as a benefit, not a punishment. We can use this time to rest and reflect. To improve ourselves, to learn more about what and who we are. We can bask in the Autumn sunshine and breathe the crisp, fresh air. We can embark on this path toward wonderful things to come.

It’s important to note that not all trees lose their leaves. The same is true in life. There are constants in our lives that remain with us always. Certain family members, genuine friends that are like family to us, a favorite tree that has stood for generations.

All trees serve their purpose. Rather than getting upset that leaves fall, we can be grateful for the beauty they shared with us.

Just like people, situations, and places.

Not to skip ahead, but know that fabulous things await us in Spring, while the constants in our lives are always here. Who knows, something new in Spring may become another constant. 😉

So enjoy the beauty of the season you’re in! That’s the stuff that makes the unfolding of life worthwhile.

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