Visualizing is an important tool to use for manifesting your dreams and goals. However, while it’s necessary to see, feel, smell, touch, and just about taste, how accomplishment of these goals feels ~ it is just as necessary to be right here. Right where you are. Today. Accepting everything about yourself and your past & present circumstances is the foundation to build the rest onto.

I’ve spent years, if not decades, “visualizing”. So much so, that I can literally BE in every dream I have for myself. Vividly. I don’t even have to close my eyes anymore. So much so, that where I am has felt so… wrong. Yet, those dreams remained just that. Dreams.


Until I began looking deep within myself. Looking deep into the past. Acknowledging truths. Resolving issues. Ironing out the wrinkles. Facing facts, separating feelings, and realizing that some things aren’t or weren’t at all what I thought they are/were.

The process is similar for everyone, no matter the circumstances. A friend of mine and I have talked about carrying around a box. The box gets filled with stuff. In my case, some of that “stuff” included verbal abuse, low self-esteem, self-destructive behaviors. If not dealt with in a timely manner, the box gets full. As life happens, it will overflow, causing a huge mess. If not dealt with right then, the mess just gets bigger and more frequent. All the visualizing in the world, in my opinion, won’t magically clear out that box. The work, is ours, to do.

The missing link from “visualization” is simply, ACTION. Action itself is not simple, but taking things out of the box, one at a time, and completely dealing with them, IS. The feelings that go along with that aren’t easy. Especially if the item being taken out of the box has been wrapped in a cozy, protective blanket. But by facing these things head on, unafraid, we get stronger and stronger with each battle. That strength becomes the armor with which we can continue the fight.

Opening ourselves, allowing ourselves to fully feel, be present with, shine light on, and finally resolve these things as we remove them from the box ~ we soon see that once resolved, they hold nowhere near the power they once did. They become smaller. Heck, in my opinion, they become lessons, even GIFTS that we have learned from, so they can be placed away in that file cabinet marked DONE.

I’ve had burning ceremonies for some things, writing them down after doing the work, and then letting the smoke from the flame go up into the sky, diffusing any residual pain that may have been left over. Offering it to the sky, the Universe, God, Source… for blessings to be made from it.

Guess what. That ‘s the reward. Blessings ARE made from each and every painful ANYTHING we’ve gone through in our lives. We just have to do this work in order to receive them. The more work we do, the more we empty the box, the lighter, greater, richer, happier, healthier our life becomes. Letting go of the weight of that box. Learning to now deal with things as they happen.

This brings us into the present. No more baggage attaching us to the past. What happened to us hasn’t changed. It’s there in our history. But we don’t have to constantly read those chapters anymore. We are on today’s page. Looking forward to the chapters that follow. This is part of what makes us, what I like to call, “empower-full”. Empowered and powerful!

NOW we are ready to manifest those wishes, dreams and goals we’ve been visualizing for so long! It’s so much easier to take action steps toward our goals when we have become free from the weight of that box. Feels good, doesn’t it? (:

Share with me what you’ve manifested in your life, and what you’re looking forward to! <3 (Just click on the title of this post to bring the comments box to the bottom. Thanks!)

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