The beauty of Fall is always something magical to me. The colors, the crisp mornings, the warm afternoons. Sunshine peeking through tree branches like golden fairy dust softening everything it touches. Fall used to be a time of intense depression for me, knowing that Winter was on its way. I have a different view on that, now. The beautiful colors of this season provide hope and promise.  Hope that steps taken now will blossom in Spring. Promise that dreams being pursued now will come true.

My dreams keep evolving. They involve writing, coaching, counseling, and possibly other things I’ve not been presented with, yet. Helping others see their full potential is something I enjoy doing. Assisting them with letting go of the heavy anchors dragging behind them so they can propel themselves forward. Finally free! I know what it’s like to have multiple anchors dragging me down for decades. I know what gradually removing those anchors feels like, too. Amazing relief! Doors and windows of opportunity seem to open up in an instant. Life takes on a whole new energy. Gosh, I can even breathe better.

I’ve avoided blogging for a couple of reasons. To be honest, I am not a great English Class student. I tend to write like I talk, which isn’t always grammatically correct 😉 .  If I could keep my fabulous editor with me at all times, I’d feel better about it.  HA!

Fear is the other reason. Helping people I know personally is one thing. I’m tremendously comfortable with that. One on one conversation or emails? I can talk with them forever ~ offer love, encouragement, advice. I tend to connect deeply with my friends & family, which makes it almost second nature to let the good energy, the tough love, or the advice just flow. Helping strangers? That’s a totally different thing. What I remind myself, is, I can help others in part due to that fear! I understand it because I have lived it. I live with shyness, past trauma, fear of moving out of the comfort zone, etc.

One thing I do, now, is practice what I preach. In helping people overcome obstacles, or cheer up after a hard day, the advice I give is also advice I must follow. Like my Holistic doc does, for example. He always says that he never prescribes or suggests anything that he doesn’t do, himself. I admire that. He says to meditate, eat healthy foods, drink plenty of water, exercise, rest well. He does all of those things. Even when it is difficult to do so. I follow that motto the best I can, nowadays.

I heard somewhere, that, “an expert was once a beginner.” Here I am, a beginner. Taking the steps every day toward improvement. The important thing is to just “do.” I want to help as many people as possible to become the people they want to be, the people they are created to be, the people they already are, on the inside.  When I see a person, I can feel their spirit. This helps me to feel more connected, and in turn, helps them feel more comfortable sharing with me. If they are ready to let the anchors go, and willing to do what it takes to claim their bliss in life, I’m ready, and very happy, to be that support person, confidant, cheerleader rooting for them. I’m ready to remind them, and to reassure them, of the empowerment already inside. We were all born with that. It may have gotten tucked away over the years, but it is still there, shiny and beautiful as ever. Like our own bunch of golden fairy dust ready to soften our lives and make life that much prettier.

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