Doing the right thing
Isn’t popular.

Being honest
Standing up for what’s right
Isn’t popular.

Doing all you can to help the innocent
Isn’t popular.


Surprisingly, relationships will be changed
Character(s) will be revealed.
People that walk away from you…
Let them go, send them blessings.
Pray that someday
They return to join the fight
For the same goal.

We all deserve: Love. Safety. Respect.

It IS worth fighting for.
Especially for those without a voice.

Stand up. Be strong. Fight the good fight.

And WIN.

The words above were pulling at me the other night. In the format shown. It was my heart and spirit talking. Pleading with me to share it.

No matter what your fight is, if you are doing it with and for the greater good, you are being called by a higher force to do it. Sometimes you may feel discouraged, defeated, alone. Tap in to your heart. Tap in to your spirit. Be guided.

If your intuition tells you to continue to speak up, stand up, or act on it, trust that you are doing the right thing. Keeping ego and personal motives out of it. Always be truthful and respectful, but don’t back down. Whoever or whatever it is that you are fighting for will be better for it. Your heart and soul will thank you. Even if it seems like the rest of your world opposes. Always stand up for truth.

My personal belief is that we are all one. Nurturing our own spirit, as well as nurturing the spirits of others, benefits the world. <3 Share your light! Namaste.

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