Feeling super nostalgic today. Maybe it’s the moon. Maybe it’s Venus in retrograde. Who knows. A lot of OLD stuff is coming up for me to examine. Weird. Stuff I’ve already accepted and dealt with, y’know?

Ever happen to you?

So many memories gushing like Old Faithful, sprinkling on me in a soft, but really vivid way.

Some of what’s coming up for me, is that, the past isn’t always what we romance it to be. Or, maybe it is, but our present can be JUST as fabulous if we do what it takes to make it be. Manifest those wishes and dreams into your life!

When I was a kid (heck, even now), I would look into the mirror and it would seem like life looked much better in the reflection than in reality. I would wish that I could jump into the mirror and live THAT life because it was obviously better. Or, I would look at pictures from the past and remember things differently without realizing it. Then, wish that I could time travel back to happier times.

The reality of it all, is, the mirror is simply a reflection of your life every time you look into it. Pictures are snapshots of any time, good or bad, and there isn’t anything better or worse than what it truly was. We sometimes blur the bad and enhance the good because that may be what our ego wants us to do. Not sure. But the truth is there if we sit back and really look.

We can use those feelings, thoughts, and memories to make TODAY better, if we choose to. What is it that our imagination is wishing we did or had? Can we achieve that now? Absolutely!

For example. Say you are reminiscing via photograph of a time when you seemed to feel happiest. Now. Look at it objectively. What are the details that make it seem that way? Was there anything else going on in your life at the time that maybe wasn’t as picture perfect? What made it easier for you to deal with those not-so-perfect details? What makes that moment in time stand out amongst the rest? What can you do for yourself, today, to bring yourself to that same feeling of happiness?

Expanding on that, if the picture in question makes you believe that you were happier then… what makes you feel that way? Are you doing the same things for yourself today that you were back then? Maybe you’ve stopped whatever that is, because life happened? Adult responsibilities and all that.

The great news is, we can start over at any time. If we used to have fun with friends more often, we can easily fix that by contacting them now and making plans to get together. If we used to eat better and exercise, we can start again now. If we used to enjoy a hobby or play an instrument, we can start that back up again, too. We haven’t lost any of those things. We just need to pick them up again if we want them back in our lives. No more punishing ourselves for letting them go.

Whatever you do, it’s really important to treat yourself well, eat nutritiously, and get plenty of rest. Rather than feeling sad for what seems lost, try feeling joyful for what you can regain, right now. It really is THAT simple. Soon, you will feel so much better, and be living the life you felt was unattainable, always behind the reflection. That mirror’s got nothing on you! Bring your camera, because today is where the good stuff is happening!

Your beautiful spirit is worthy of excellent care. Be as good to yourself as you are to your best friend or family member. Start enjoying those (healthy 😉 ) things that bring you joy. You deserve it!

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