So my friend’s grand-dog is so irresistibly cute that I had to share him with everyone! I mean, dogs in general are happy… but this little guy? Whoa! It’s like, he’s MADE of happiness!

Do you ever wish that you could feel that way? So carefree, so gosh darned HAPPY?

To be quite honest, I’ve experienced depression and anxiety for 90% of my life. I’m finally changing that! I’m doing all I can to make things better. Even when those two bullies (that’s what I call depression and anxiety) try to get me, I’m better equipped now to stop them in their tracks. What this puppy reminds me of, is how I first started to make changes.

Looong story of the “in between” time will either show up in future posts or in my book(s). But for the sake of positive energy and high vibration, let’s stick to the good stuff and leave those icky details out for now. =P

It can really be as simple as taking some quiet time for yourself. Thinking about what will really make you happy in this life. I don’t mean a mansion on the hill and 500 billion dollars. While those things are fabulous goals, I’m talking more about inner happiness. Right here and now.

During that quiet time, write down what you notice. For example. With me, I was so exhausted from feeling like I had no time for myself. Wacky, since I’ve had nothing but time since the vertigo/migraine diagnosis over 10 years ago. Strange, right? I was becoming jealous of others who seemed to have that inner happiness and didn’t have 24 hours a day to attain it – meaning, they worked full time, or had families, etc. that took up part of their time allotment each day. I thought, what’s wrong with me? How do they not feel like they are giving themselves completely away? I would watch in envious awe at how fulfilled they all were, how it seemed like they had MORE than 24 hours a day! How in the heck did they DO that?

Turns out, I wasn’t putting myself on my priority list. Everything and everyone else got my focus. That includes venting to anyone who would listen. Ugh. What an energy suck I was! Whew I have some fantabulous friends!

I would promise myself every night that “tomorrow” I would do something for me. Those lies were told for years.

Finally I got the courage to put myself on the list. I’ve gotten to about mid-way on that list now, and am moving myself up all the time. As I do this, my life improves exponentially! I feel free, I experience more joy and love. Acceptance is something I can find easily, and forgiveness is given. I am GRATEFUL. What does that feel like? Tickles. Fluffy, soft pillows. Inner joy feels like cotton candy. A soft teddy bear. Such a spectacular feeling that I will either laugh or cry happy tears because if I don’t I’ll just burst! Kinda like our puppy friend, here. THAT is what inner joy feels like! Cool, right?

You’ll be surprised at how much better you feel once you become a healthy priority to yourself. How you will seem to magnetize really good people and experiences to you. How the not-so-good-for-you stuff will fall away, or be repelled. High vibrational energy is awesome! (For a fantastic elaboration on vibrational energy, look up Christie Marie Sheldon. She is AMAZING! I freaking LOVE her!)

Taking care of yourself is not selfish, no matter what popular opinion may say. Taking care of yourself is not only a gift to you, it is a gift to others. With your inner cup filled to overflowing, you can give to others without exhausting yourself! It’s amazing how that works. I used to hear that all the time, but never understood it. NOW I “get it”. Such a simple thing. Yet, it’s powerful! Give it a try <3 Here’s to you. Making your life rawk & stuff. WOOT!

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