Oh my word it’s February already! I feel like the last 11 months have flown by. Even with the weirdness.

February’s a mixed bag for me, since this is my birthday month but also the anniversary of my sister’s sudden passing (the day after my birthday) 4 years ago. Always makes me reflect. Speaking of reflect, it’s also Mercury in Retrograde time. Whoa. We’re all sparkly badasses though, amiright?

The best way to get thru anything is with self-care, faith, and the knowing that good things are on the way. Always. Don’t give up!

Thank you to everyone who responded to my questions last week. Looks like the consensus was y’all like the summary idea, and videos. I’m grateful for your help! I’m open to more suggestions and am looking forward to getting lots more going as soon as I get over the hurdle of computer/app/tech stuff that likes to challenge me. HAHA

PLUS I’ve got some awesome Talent Tuesdays Showcases coming up (these were a hit on Facebook when I was doing them last year). Talent Tuesdays Showcase is either a live or prerecorded video of an interview with a super talent. Someone who adds sparkle to their life and the world with what they do. It’s one of my favorite things to talk to people about. It’s always so inspiring to learn how they utilize their talents in this way! The interviews are so much more fun live, but given the state of things I may get into the Zoom thing to bring the show to ya. Stay tuned!

Hey, quick question. Would you like me to include Reigna Rox updates in here too? If so, lemme know! I’ve got a photo shoot coming up with one of my faves this week. Looking forward to it! Sue at Sierra Elegance Photography always makes it a fun and beautiful day!

Sooo here’s the update on YouTube from last week and links to any videos you may have missed:

Monday we talked about grief, and how sometimes guilt goes hand in hand with that. Click here to watch and subscribe

Wednesday was the always popular Mid-Week Meditation Moment, AND the topic of the day was how to stop comparing yourself to others. Comparison can really be a bully, so I’ve got some tips on how to stop it! Click here for the Mid-Week Meditation Moment and here for the Comparison video

Friday we discussed how to get even with a narcissist. If you’ve ever dealt with a narcissist, especially hurt by one, you may have thought about getting even a time or two! And who could blame ya? Whoa. Click here to watch and subscribe and to get a different perspective. It may surprise you.

I’m kinda liking this new format! Thanks again for your help! I’ll see ya here again next week, and on YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook this week! Big hugs!

Be the sparkle,


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