“Well, they will either call security on me, or be flattered!” is what I thought to myself on Saturday morning.

While having breakfast at a restaurant, I saw the cutest thing. A beautiful couple walked by, holding hands, smiling, just radiating love and joy. The gentleman had on what I’m calling his lucky gambling shirt, and the lady was looking gorgeous and sparkling from the inside out.

So I sat at my table, reallllllly feeling the urge to walk over to them and ask if I may take a picture. I’m shy, so doing such things is not natural for me. But as my friend told me, just yesterday, regarding her own zest for life, “Do it now so you don’t regret later”. So that’s exactly what I did.

I excitedly, yet timidly, scurried over to their table and GUSHED about how adorably cah-YUTE they are, and how they remind me of my Great Auntie Cille and Great Uncle Ralph (shown in the first picture below). My favorite lovebirds <3 Auntie Cille and Uncle Ralph My favorite lovebirds <3 Auntie Cille and Uncle Ralph[/caption] Peggy and Bob (shown in the picture below). Aren’t they the cutest?! They look so in love and giddy like teenagers. Just like my Great Auntie and Uncle were. *sigh* Ahhhh! They made my year! We talked a bit. They gave me their permission to blog about them and share their picture. I quickly learned that this coming March 5th will be their 66th wedding anniversary! *swoon* I love LOVE! [caption id="attachment_112" align="alignnone" width="225"]Peggy <3 Bob Peggy <3 Bob[/caption] I love THAT kind of love. The kind of love that can be experienced by all the senses. It isn’t just words said in passing. It isn’t just a card and flowers once a year. It’s the kind of love that feels so carefree, so completely light that it tickles you from the inside. The kind of love that makes your soul dance with glee and makes you giggle out loud at any moment. The kind of love that’s like your favorite, warm, fuzzy blankie on a cold Winter day - and a refreshing waterfall in the heat of Summer. It’s decadent and lovely like your favorite dessert. More beautiful than the most perfect sunrise, or the colorful trees in Fall. The kind of love that envelops every cell of your body, making them shine with health and happiness. It’s your safe haven in the world. The place from which you draw strength. Love that is safe, honest, and comfy. The love that this cherishable couple exudes is rare. So many couples walk around burdened, stressed, detached, obligated. This couple is so light, free, literally SHINING from within. I could feel their hearts and spirits and practically SEE the love energy all around them. They truly made the restaurant a better place just by being in it. I know that sounds corny, but it’s true! They made ME better just by meeting them. _I_ want that kind of love in a relationship, or no relationship at all. Their love reminds me of worthiness that I had forgotten is also within me. Selling myself short in the relationship department, or isolating from relationships, is no way to blossom in love. I told them about my Aunt and Uncle; about how I received some great marriage advice from my Aunt. I can expand on that advice in another post if you all would like. Let me know! (I keep it in the memory files of my heart and mind, for when, and if, I do get married 😉 ) Peggy and Bob offered this advice to add to it, “Don’t go to bed mad.” I joked “So sometimes you don’t sleep at night, eh?!” They laughed with me and seemed to agree. Haha! I would have liked to hug them both, but refrained. I was already being a bit too much. Anyone that knows me, knows, I mean really KNOWS, what a mushball I am. HA! I’m keeping their picture to remind me of this: We all deserve the kind of love and joy that we want. To be treated like treasures. Don’t EVER settle for less. Ahhh. I love love. <3

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