A while back, I was introduced to a fantastic movement called “Mental Fitness is the New Sexy”. A beautiful friend of mine posted a picture of herself wearing her T-Shirt, and shared about the website http://www.letsgetmentallyfit.com/

SUCH a beautiful message! So many bright, shining spirits there in the pictures. Reading all their pledges, I wanted to be a part of it. I bought my own T-Shirt, took the pledge, and shared my photo. (Photo credit V. Dean)


My pledge: Keeping and maintaining healthy boundaries, making sure to put myself on my priority list, and helping to empower others through my blog and upcoming books. Another important ingredient is nurturing the genuine relationships in my life, and remembering that the greatest gift in this life is love, which includes learning to love ourselves.

What I love about it, is you don’t have to already “be” doing all the things in the pledge. You start where you are, and every day strive toward more. I may elaborate more on this (starting where you are) in a future blog post.

This website is empowering! You know I always say, we are “empower-full”. Well, this movement makes sure that we all know it and live it! What a wonderful way to help us all feel the way we deserve to feel. Happy, light, free, full of love, and, of course, empowered!

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