I’m feeling a bit “blah” today & unsure what to write about. So, I will blog about this! HA!

Ever have this happen to you? You enjoy such a fabulous day with friends, or revel in such a spectacular vacation, that you just feel blah afterward, or even as if you’re sad? It’s like the time together was such a high level of joy, that now back in reality, you feel less than energetic?

It happens to me sometimes, like today. Used to be, I would allow the blah feeling to welcome depression in. Which would equal too many days, even weeks, of excuses as to why I was doing nothing but sulking.

It doesn’t have to be that way. Use the blah time, let it serve you. There really is magic in it.

First, give yourself some time to re-energize. Maybe you’re tired from the festivities and visiting. Take a nap, pamper yourself with a nice bubble bath and candle light, relax and read a book. Even a few hours of that can be all the re-charging you need.

Turn off your phone, the TV. Take a lovely walk outside, listen to the sounds of nature. Take the alone time and let it bring you insights, new ideas. Remember to feel gratitude. Be thankful for the amazing time you and your friends shared, but also give thanks for the time you get to spend with just you. YOU are a gift, too. Remember that!

I’ve learned that an important part of vacation time, is planning to have at least one or two days at the end of it just to regroup at home. It makes the transition back into reality so much easier. Giving you a breather between things.

Some of the most creative insights come after the most fun times. If you give yourself the proper rest, the inspiration will come! Who knows. You may plan your next vacation 😉

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